I have a course in spanish and english where I cover all the process of this kind of work, if you're interesting on it you can check here: https://www.domestika.org/es/courses/608-diseno-y-modelado-de-una-nave-sci-fi-en-3d/juannovelletto

I did this tank in my free time. The inspiration was the Fulgora laternaria, a winged insect, but with the iterations the shape was changing.
In the process, I worked with 3dcoat at first, for the sketch, and then I did the blockmesh with maya and zmodeler. For the cannon I worked with 3DCoat again, and the exported to ZBrush for did more details withs alphas. Finally I did the renders in Keyshot and added some FX in Photoshop.

I hope you like it!

Juan novelletto tank01 arena
Juan novelletto tank02 arena
Juan novelletto tank03 arena
Juan novelletto tank04 base
Juan novelletto tank06 earlyversion

Renders of early versions.

Juan novelletto tank05 zbrush

ZBrush model

Juan novelletto turnable